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Units Master is a new app that was released on the App Store, Mac App Store and Windows 10 Store in September 2018. The app brings a new way to calculate units to engineers, carpenters, mechanics, technicians, builders, DIYs and anyone who works with units but don't want to spend lots of time on calculations.

The app combines intuitive interface with extensive functionality. The built-in engine is expressive and intelligent so you can calculate any expression you want.

With Units Master, unit calculation and conversion is just as easy as typing in an expression. Input your problem and the app shows you the answer in any supported unit(s) in both US and metric systems. Units Master supports natural display for fractions and units, recognizes fractional, decimal and mixed units, and more!

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In addition, the app provides lots of useful options and settings to make length unit calculation and conversion as easy and convenient as possible. For example, if you always need results in metric or US units only or you want to round fractional values to usable fractions such as 4th, 8th, 16th or decimals to tenth, hundredth you may easily set up these options in the Settings window. With Units Master you may easily share your calculation results via email.

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The app uses the intelligent algorithm to analyze data that makes it possible for anyone to quickly perform length unit conversion and calculation.

Does it mean a more complex application? No, it doesn’t. Units Master keeps the interface flat and simple. In order to satisfy specific needs, the app offers you the exceptional power to customize the app according to your needs. Those who need a simple unit converter will get a simple unit converter. If you require more sophisticated features, you will benefit from additional options.

Units Master is designed in a way that makes it easy to calculate various expressions with units. Examples and the list of supported units can be found at the Units Master official website.

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